The following questions and answers represent the most common enquiries regarding personal cash advances with Cash Australia (INT) Pty Ltd. The answers provided are intended as a general guide only and are not to be interpreted in any other way. 


What if I have bad credit?

We assess every case on an individual basis, so even if you may have a bad credit history, we will consider your current financial circumstances along with your application.

What if I am bankrupt or Part IX Debt Agreement?
Unfortunately we cannot assist you if you are currently bankrupt or under a Part IX Debt agreement.
What if the majority of my income is from Centrelink?
People receiving Centrelink payments can qualify for a loan, as long as your repayments are not more than 20% of your Centrelink income.
Is there a credit check?
Yes there may be a credit check. However, as long as your current financial situation is stable, we will consider your loan application.
Is there an employment check?
Dependent on your current employment situation, we may be required to do an employment check.
What documents do I need to supply?
To enable your loan application to be assessed, you are required to send through 90 days of bank statements (up to today’s date). The bank statement must relate to the bank account where your income is deposited and where all of your transactions take place (this may be more than one bank account).
How do I submit my bank statements?

The simplest way to send us your bank statements is through our online service. It collects your information directly and securely from your internet banking and automatically sends the required 90 days of bank statements to Cash Australia.

How do I know if the documents I sent have been received?
We will confirm receipt of your application and any supporting documents.
How do I get paid and how fast?
We aim to have all loans funded within 24 hours. The actual time for the money to appear in your account depends on who you bank with and their processing times. All this depends how fast you can provide the required information and what time of the day you submit your application. All applications submitted after 3pm AEST will be processed the next business day.
If I am an existing client, do I need to fill in my details again?
When you receive your first loan, you will be issued a username and password to log-in as an existing customer. Your details from your previous application will be available to review and confirm if there are any changes. You will still be required to provide the necessary documentation, bank statements, payslips, and/or Centrelink income statement.
How much do I still owe on my current loan?
Contact us so we can advise you of the balance or alternatively log-in with your details and check online.
When can I apply for another loan?
We have strict guidelines which apply to the assessment of every loan and this includes limits on the number of loans a customer can have at one time.
What is a SACC?
A SACC is a Small Amount Credit Contract which is defined in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP Act) as being a loan amount of no more than $2000, set up to be repaid over a term of not less than 16 days and not more than one year.
How do I make repayments?
Repayments are debited directly from your nominated bank account.
What if I miss a payment or want to defer a payment during my loan period?
If you miss or we agree to defer a schedule payment for you, you will incur fees.
Can I repay my loan early?
Absolutely, you can much as you like as often as you like without penalties.
What if I need a few extra dollars during loan period?
Sorry, under the current legislation you must may out your existing loan first.